Requirements: Gifted; Starting career only.

Starting Abilities, Skills and Spells:

Abilities Bond
Military Skills Hand Weapon 1; (Choose one) Archery 1, Great Weapon 1 or Thrown Weapon 1
Occupational Skills Command 1; Detection 1
Connections none
Spells Boundless Charge; Sunder Spirit (these can be changed if GM approves)
Assets 1 Light Warbeast (tweaked Hordes 4 points warbeast or GM discretion)

Special: Change character’s arcane tradition to Fury-weaver if taken with another arcane career.

Full List of Abilities, Skills and Spells

Abilities Bond; Field Marshal: Magical Attack; Field Marshal: Relentless Charge; Field Marshal: Shield Guard; Natural Leader
Connections Connections(minion pact or kingdom)
Military Skills Great Weapon 3; Hand Weapon 3; Thrown Weapon 3; Unarmed Combat 2
Occupational Skills Command 4; General Skills 4
Spells Warlock Spell List


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