Bonded Bull Snapper


Bonded to Dauntay de Marais


Phy Spd Str Agl Prw Poi Int Per
8 6 7 4 3 1 1 3
Def Arm Fury Thr
13 14 3 7


Loc: H Mat: 5 P+S: 12

Occupational Skills
Detection 2, Sneak 2


Name Cost Rng AOE Pow Up Off
Spiny Growth 2 6 - - No No

Target friendly character gains +2 ARM. If a warjack or warbeast hits the affected character with a melee attack, the attacking character suffers d3 damage points immediately after the attack has been resolved unless the affected character was destroyed or removed from play by the attack. Spiny Growth lasts for one round.


  • Ambush – During the first round of an encounter, this creature gains boosted attack and damage rolls against enemies that have not yet activated that encounter.
  • Amphibious – This creature treats water as open terrain. While in water, this creature gains concealment.
  • Belligerent – This creature gains boosted Willpower rolls.
  • Blood Thirst – When it charges a living character, this creature gains +2˝ to its movement.
  • Fearless – This creature never suffers the effects of fear.
  • Native Beast – This creature is considered to be a beast native to the wilds of Immoren.
  • Resonance: Swamp – This creature can be bonded only by a warlock with Resonance: Swamp Warbeast.
  • Torpid – If this creature destroys a living character with a normal melee attack, this creature’s activation immediately ends after the attack is resolved. If it destroys a living character with a melee attack, the creature may immediately discard 1 fury.
  • Bio:


    Trouble in Immoren Axykor