Starting Abilities, Skills and Assets

Abilities: Grenadier, Poison Resistance
Military Skills: Hand Weapon 1, Thrown Weapon 1
Occupational Skills Alchemy 1, Medicine 1
Assets 50gc, Alchemist’s leather, gas mask, Travelling Alchemist Kit, five alchemical grenades, Grenadier’s bandolier

Full List of Abilities, Skills and Assets

Abilities: Bomber, Brew Master, Fast Cook, Field Alchemist, Fire in the Hole!, Free Style, Grenadier, Poison Resistance
Connection Connections(alchemical order)
Military Skills: Hand Weapon 2, Thrown Weapon 4, Unarmed 2
Occupational Skills Alchemy 4, Craft(any) 4, Forgery 2, General Skills 4, Medicine 4, Negotiation 4, Research 4


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