Requirements: none

Starting Abilities, Skills and Spells:

Abilities Big Game Hunter; Language (any); Port of Call
Military Skills (choose 1) Archery 1, Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 1 or Rifle 1
Occupational Skills Detection 1; Medicine 1; Navigation 1; Survival 1
Connections Connection (Patron)
Spells none
Assets 150gc, Map case, Spy Glass

Special: You gain additional income of 25gc per month from your patron, if you continue to explore new regions, report back regularly and give your patron exotic gifts.

Full List of Abilities, Skills and Spells

Abilities Battle Plan: Reconnaissaince; Big Game Hunter; Disease Resistance; Expert Rider; Language (any); Natural Leader; Poison Rseistance; Port of Call; Signal Language; Swift Rider
Connections Connections(wealthy patrons); Connections(isolated tribe or people)
Military Skills Archery 2; Crossbow 2; Hand Weapon 2; Pistol 2; Rifle 3; Thrown Weapon 2; Unarmed Combat 2
Occupational Skills Command 4; Craft(any) 2; Cryptography 2; Etiquette 2; General Skills 4; Medicine 2; Navigation 4; Negotiation 4; Rope Use 4; Survival 4
Spells none


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