Requirements: none

Starting Abilities, Skills and Spells:

Abilities Astute; Language (any)
Military Skills (choose 1) Hand Weapon 1 or Pistol 1
Occupational Skills Detection 1; Forensic Science 1, Interrogation 1; Law 1; Medicine 1; Sneak 1
Connections none
Spells none
Assets 100gc

Special: If Investigator is chosen as a staring career, the character gains the Hyper Perception benefit.

Full List of Abilities, Skills and Spells

Abilities Anatomical Precision; Astute; Iron Will; Language; Prowl; Signal Language; Truth Reader
Connections Connections(any)
Military Skills Hand Weapon 2; Pistol 2; Unarmed Combat 2
Occupational Skills Cryptography 4; Deception 4; Etiquette 2; Forensic Science 4; General Skills 4; Interrogaton 4; Law 4; Medicine 2; Negotiation 3; Research 4; Sneak 4; Streetwise 4
Spells none


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