Mage Hunter

Requirements: Race – Iosan

Starting Abilities, Skills and Spells:

Abilities Arcane Assassin; Iron Will
Military Skills Hand Weapon 1; (choose 1) Archery 1, Crossbow 1
Occupational Skills Climbing 1; Jumping 1; Sneak 1; Tracking
Connections Connection (Retribution of Scyrah)
Spells none
Assets 75gc

Special: none.

Full List of Abilities, Skills and Spells

Abilities Arcane Assassin; Camouflage; Crackshot; Crossbowman; Fast Draw; Fast Reload; Iron Will; Mage Killer; Parry; Quick Work; Shadow Magic; Traceless Path
Connections Connections(Retribution of Scyrah)
Military Skills Archery 4; Crossbow 4; Hand Weapon 4; Thrown Weapon 2
Occupational Skills Deception 2; Disguise 2; General Skills 4; Rope Use 3; Sneak 4; Survival 2; Tracking 4
Spells none

Mage Hunter

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